Q and A                                        “Life in a Nutshell”

About Us.  At Lyons Den Pictures we want every photo session to be the best you have ever had to build a long and lasting relationship with you.

What we like to do?  We would like to get to know you and your family or group before our photo shoot.   This gives us a better understanding of what you expect, and what you would like out of our time together.  It also helps us to plan and set aside time to improve this experience.

What we offer?  We will come to you, where and when we agree upon.  Weather its your home, a park, or an event to have your photo session.  Depending on what kind of photograph's you are personally looking for, will depend on how much time we spend at our photo shoot.

What we use? We normally do not use props but if there is something special that you want to add that would be great! Using the environment in our experience provides a nice backdrop to most photos shoots.  We find that larger areas such as a park are great ways to show your families and you’re personality.  NEW!!! We Now have a portable Studio. We Have different backdrops, and improved lighting, for great Indoor photo sessions. 

What happens after our photo session?  We will take several days, to edit your photograph’s. Afterwards you will have a set of high quality, photography’s you will be happy to have in your home.  We will then up-load them to our web site www.lyonsdenpictures.com  in a secured gallery (password protected) for you, your friends and family to view.  Then at your convenience with out pressure to buy you can choose which photograph’s to buy.  There are a large amount of options to choose from in many sizes, styles, plus other house hold items.

We are pet friendly!  We are animal lovers here at Lyons Den Pictures we have two Dogs’ and a horse.  We encourage our clients to include your family pets.  We believe pets are part of the family and no family portrait is complete without your family pets.  

Payment Options. We accept credit cards, debit cards , and Cash as Payment for our photo sessions. We Now offer Payment Plans for cost over $500.

What we believe.  Fair pricing and great value is the key to making a long lasting relationship with our clients. We thank-you for choosing Lyons Den Pictures! Lyons Den Pictures has always been a been a dream of mine and you all will make it possible.

In closing here are some of my thoughts. Pictures are moments we all treasure and want as we grow and live in life. Weather it is weddings, vacations, outings, or family portraits we all look back at these to remember those precious moments in life. That’s why I say “Life in a Nutshell”. Its a lifetime of moments captured for all time. You may want to treasure them on a wall in a photo book, or even during family gatherings to look back on and live, love and laugh or even cry because those moments are the dearest to you.

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