Children and Baby's

Frequent photographs of your child can show how they grow and change better than any pencil-mark on a wall. Our children's photographer specializes, in capturing the perfect smile and the most beautiful expression in every photo. It will keep those first-time everything's in a memory you can share forever. From awkward and cute phases, to missing teeth and sassy personalities. Alone or with their siblings, our photographer knows how to work with children of all ages to give you and your child's portraits to cherish and share forever.

Babies grow up so fast, and we know how important it is to capture those first precious months and years with once in a lifetime baby pictures. We specialize in newborn photography, and baby photos that capture your baby's special personality and beauty. Infant photography requires a special touch. It also needs a warm and friendly attitude to create perfect baby photos. Our experienced photographer can bring out those special moments, smiles, and giggles in your baby. We will create baby and newborn pictures you will cherish forever.

Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation. Not to mention the anticipation, waiting for your new arrival to become part of your family. Our photographer will capture the excitement, and unending love that the new baby will bring. We will create memorable maternity photos capturing that cherished, anticipation forever. Maternity photography can be intimidating too, but here at Lyons Den Pictures, we are comfortable and welcome the chance to make your memories last forever in photos. We are friendly and experienced, and look forward to making expectant mothers feel and look beautiful while incorporating that special glow, joy, and love of the new arrival.

Maternity, Children and Baby's Packages

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